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Illinois State Bar Association Welcomes New President

Codilis, Codilis & Associates

For more than 40 years, Codilis and Associates, a law firm based in Burr Ridge, Illinois, has provided services to clients in the mortgage lending industry. Engaged in the local legal community, Codilis & Associates maintains membership in the Illinois State Bar Association.

In June, the Illinois State Bar Association announced that James F. McCluskey will serve as the organization’s new president. He was officially installed to the position on July 15, 2018, during the group’s annual conference.
While at the helm of the Illinois State Bar Association, McCluskey says he will focus on expanding legal education initiatives to help attorneys transition into retirement. Additionally, McCluskey says he plans to provide resources to lawyers to help them maintain a better quality of life and reduce stress. The wellness program will tackle issues related to drug abuse and mental health.

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