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How After-School Programs Support Young People

The law firm of Codilis and Associates has handled the legal needs of Illinois mortgage lenders since 1977. Codilis & Associates is also a visible financial supporter of several high-impact nonprofit organizations and projects, including the construction of a state-of-the-art technology resource center to augment after-school programming at the Jesse White Community Center in Chicago.

The Jesse White Community Center enriches after-school activities for young people in the Near North neighborhood of Chicago. The programs have been shown to benefit children in the following ways:

- Improving grades.
One study found that after-school participants perform better in several academic subjects, including English and math. Well-managed after-school programs also reduce dropout rates and improve school attendance.
- Providing a safer community.
Without after-school programs, children would spend hours at home without adult supervision. In after-school programs, young people can engage with their peers in safe environments and reduce their exposure to the violence and drug use that often plague neighborhoods with low-incomes.
- Encouraging physical activity.
Many after-school programs organize sports activities, such as basketball or soccer. This gives children the opportunity to reach their daily recommended amount of exercise.

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